April 26th, 2014
Renaissance Waverly Hotel
2450 Galleria Pkwy, Atlanta, Georgia 30339

TiECON Southeast

"A day of Ideas for years of breakthrough success: Unleash your inner entrepreneur."

Hear from two founders who started at the same company, took it to IPO and then one of them went on to start and sell his company for another $1B

Meet the first female president of a quick service restaurant chain who increased EBITDA by 80% from 2011 to 2012

Be inspired by an entrepreneur who is saving lives while having authored over 200 publications, 3 books and sold 2 companies

Learn from a young entrepreneur who has returned over $100M for his investors, partners and shareholders during his career

Meet and mingle with over 50 investors with liquidity for angel and venture deals

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TiECON Southeast 2014

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TiE Chapters

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